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Why Hire A Chartered Accountant For Your Business ?

For business owners, the benefits of hiring a small business accountant in Dubai outweigh the costs.

Not only will our chartered certified accountants help keep your books in order; they will also handle any tax issues you may have plus plenty of other tasks that require their qualified expertise.

These include:

Ensuring taxes and finances are handled correctly

Our chartered certified accountants will handle your taxes and finances properly to ensure full compliance with relevant accounting and taxation laws by the FTA.

Our certified chartered accountants will help you fill out the required paperwork and turn it in.You can be sure that your business transactions are in the hands of a trusted professional.This is the most effective way to keep your business out of any trouble with tax authorities.

Payroll services

Our accounting services for small businesses in the UAE include payroll assistance that ensures your company complies with legislation.

We’ll take the stress out of payroll, double checking on the taxes and any other contributions withheld from your employees’ wages.

Comprehensive knowledge

When you hire an internal accountant, they come with knowledge of a single person. When you hire a professional chartered  accountant from an excellent accounting firm such as Alya Auditors, their knowledge and services aren’t limited to an individual.

You gain access to a variety of accounting services and expertise from the firm that will be beneficial to your business.

Importance of Accounting and Auditing for Your Business

Company audits are more than just statutory obligations. At Alya Auditors, we see them as an opportunity to run health checks on your business and pinpoint any weak areas.

With our accounting services for small businesses in Dubai, we can help you work out a plan to address these areas of weakness and identify opportunities for growth. 

As professional qualified business accountants, we keep up with relevant legislation, anticipate possibilities of change and adjust our strategies accordingly.

While we don’t advocate for risky schemes, we will always have a plan ready for significant changes and remain open to opportunities that would legitimately save you money. 

Get in touch...

If you have decided to engage an accountant and would like to discuss your requirements with us, get in touch!  

Here at Alya Auditors we cover a variety of different business needs, from basic accountancy and payroll to business advisory and development. We are primarily focused on business growth and so we tailor our solutions based on your individual business needs.

Our Chartered Accountants are all either FCA,ACCA or ICWA members and our accounting team of well qualified and experienced hands.

We provide accounting services in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, and Ras Al Kahaimah  for ambitious local businesses as well as for businesses throughout the UAE.

Our clients also include international businesses, so we have a breadth of experience to help your business thrive.

Call our friendly team on 04876 9377 or drop an email to for a further discussion.

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