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Although our service offering is titled forensic auditing the fact of the matter is that a forensic investigation by its very nature does not constitute an audit and therefore the correct terminology is, in fact, a forensic investigation or then the practice of forensic accounting.

We have the combination off all the skills that are needed to effectively investigate fraud and corruption and to assist our clients to manage their risks. We are a team of professional people who conduct forensic investigations of the highest quality.

Being a CA firm our clients have the advantage of Accounting privilege. Our unique blend of skills and expertise enables us to provide professional services to a wide range of clients, and that itself gives us a privilege in being the best Forensic Audit Firm in Dubai. We are a multi-disciplined team that includes amongst others, forensic accountants, chartered accountants, and investigators.

Our team members are respectively accredited by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners (ICFP). We are one of the Best Professional Audit Firms in Dubai, Approved by all major free zones including ( DMCC Approved Auditors, JAFZA Approved Auditors, DWC Approved Auditors, SAIF Approved Auditors, Maydan Approved Auditors, etc).

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Benefits of Forensic Accounting

Forensic Auditing in Dubai

By proactively patching any obvious ‘gaps’ in current financial operational standards, the forensic accountant can ensure that risk of future exploitation is significantly reduced. It’s a case of protecting the best interests of the business before fraudulent activity can take place.

The primary benefit of strong forensic accounting is the way in which it can help minimise and prevent unnecessary loss. Fraudulent activity and general financial discrepancies cost the business community extraordinary sums of money, every hour of every day. The forensic accountant ensures this isn’t allowed to happen.

Forensic accountants play a key role in examining and investigating current financial processes and standards, which can help in the identification of more effective and efficient solutions. The whole process is one of detecting problems and areas of improvement for the benefit of the business.

Dealing with instances of fraud (internal or external) can be spectacularly disruptive and costly for the business. In an ideal situation, forensic accountancy can be used to avoid such scenarios from ever occurring by both preventing fraudulent activity and nipping any problems detected in the bud.

A brand that leaves itself wide open to manipulation and fraud is a brand that is very difficult to respect, trust and work with. Fraud can do the kind of reputational damage that is borderline impossible to repair – hence the importance of thorough and ongoing forensic accountancy.

We Expertise in

Investigations and analysis relating to fraudulent and or corrupt activities like fraudulent contract applications, both single and syndicate related applications, sabotage of computer systems, dealer fraud, etc.

Internal and external investigations on staff members in dishonesty related matters and fraudulent activity like fraudulent contract applications, both single and syndicate related applications, sabotage of computer systems, dealer fraud, etc

If you are involved in a claim for: loss of profits; breach of warranty; product liability; or any other commercial claim, you will need a transparent and concise analysis either to facilitate settlement or to pursue your case at a hearing. Our brief is to investigate and analyze the situation and report on the outcome of that work in a concise way, which is clear and readily understood.

In determining a case of professional negligence, the court or tribunal may need credible expert evidence on the issues of liability and the quantum of the loss.

Our investigation and assessment aggregate method that is for ratifying whether an organization or an association is adhering to regulatory guidelines, local laws, regulations, and any industry-related standards.

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