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Although our service offering is titled forensic auditing the fact of the matter is that a forensic investigation by its very nature does not constitute an audit and therefore the correct terminology is in fact a forensic investigation or then the practice of forensic accounting.

We have the combination off all the skills that are needed to effectively investigate fraud and corruption and to assist our clients to manage their risks. We are a team of professional people who conduct forensic investigations of the highest quality.

Being a CA firm our clients have the advantage of Accounting privilege. Our unique blend of skills and expertise enables us to provide professional services to a wide range of clients, and that itself gives us a privilege in being the best Forensic Audit Firm in Dubai.We are a multi-disciplined team which includes amongst others, forensic accountants, chartered accountants and investigators.

Our team members are respectively accredited by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), the Institute of Commercial Forensic Practitioners (ICFP). We are one of the Best Professional Audit Firms in Dubai, Approved by all major free zones including : ( DMCC Approved Auditors,JAFZA Approved Auditors,DWC Approved Auditors,SAIF Approved Auditors,Maydan Approved Auditors etc)

Our experience includes:

  • Investigations and analysis relating to fraudulent and or corrupt activities;
  • Procurement Fraud and Theft
  • Conflict of interest verifications of suppliers and employees
  • Internal and external investigations on staff members in dishonesty related matters and fraudulent activity
  • Fraudulent contract applications, both single and syndicate related applications, sabotage of computer systems, dealer fraud, etc
  • Profiling fraud syndicates and identifying linked accounts, patterns / trends and techniques to provide information that will enhance fraud prevention capabilities;
  • Forensic accounting
  • Lifestyle audits
  • Disciplinary procedural support
  • Vetting and asset tracing
  • Business intelligence on entities and individuals
  • Data analysis
  • Investigations of labour related misconduct and internal disciplinary enquiries
  • Expert testimony in criminal and civil trails as well as disciplinary enquiries
  • Performing of fraud risk assessments

As part of our investigation methodology we use Analyst Notebook which allows us to quickly and effectively turn large volumes of data into actionable intelligence with powerful and rich analysis capabilities.

Should you require our assistance or have some questions contact  Tel: +971 4 876 9377, Mob: +971 52 975 0690, +971 52 475 4007 or

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