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Audit and Accounting Firms in UAE

To emphasize,  Alya Auditors are one of the top audit and accounting firms in the UAE  that implemented Six Sigma in its services. Basically, our auditing, accounting, VAT, and Corporate Tax services in the UAE are 99.99 % error-free. 

Notably, our professionals put themselves at the heart of your business to understand your needs and create tailored solutions. In fact, Specialists work with you on a wide range of issues. For instance, starting with auditing, accounting, vat/tax, and advisory, including legal services, delivered through a proactive, partner-led approach that helps you to achieve your ambitions.

Our Audit and Accounting Services in the UAE

Auditing & Advisory

Firstly, as per the Federal Law of UAE 2015, all companies need to appoint an auditing company and prepare an audit report. Surely, In order to abide by the law, Alya Auditors in Dubai is the final word. Certainly, Alya helps businesses to fit into the UAE economy and take care of the required essentials.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Notably, we offer a wide range of accounting services that answers the financial needs of any business in the global market. Truly, committed to keep the highest level of professional standards and quality. Notably, appointing an audit and accounting company will certainly help to be error-free .

VAT Consultation Services

Chiefly, the introduction of VAT in the UAE brings with it a lot of opportunities and an equal amount of challenges. In fact, appointing an audit and accounting firms in the UAE will help you to take care of your business legally. We will certainly help you to be fine free in the UAE.

Our Business Setup and Legal Services in the UAE

Business Setup and Licensing Services

Undoubtedly, Alya Auditors will handle the complete company formation process strategic recommendations, negotiations with local stakeholders, documentation formalities – the entire assistance towards business floatation. Yes, we handle A-Z business concerns.

Economic Substance Regulations

Critically, businesses that undertake a Relevant Activity during the reportable period should submit an ESR Notification and file the ESR Return. However, Authorities may ask the businesses carrying out the activity to submit notification, and file thier retun.

ERP Implementation & Support

As a result of ERP, businesses are able to measure and analyze their performance, as well as differentiate their products and services according to a variety of factors. Certainly, Alya Auditors can assist with your ERP implementation and support needs.

Our CFO and Valuation Services in the UAE

Corporate Finance Services

In fact, Corporate finance deals with financial and investment decisions, with the aim of leveraging a company’s value by making the right decision. Hence, Its goal is to maximize or increase shareholder value. Therefore, It involves managing finances and sources.

Valuation Services in Dubai

Additionally, knowing your business value is like having a grip on your business. Hence, it is an approach to knowing the true worth of your business. Of course, Alya Auditors will help you in this matter in the best way thus naturally helping in decision making.

Payroll Services in UAE

Likewise, a payroll system streamlines and automates the process of paying a company’s employees. Certainly, accurate and timely payment of wages plays a crucial role in the satisfaction and proper functioning of your business.

How is Alya Different from Other Accounting and Auditing Firms in the UAE?

Unique selling proposition of alya auditors in uae dubai

Moreover, we are the first audit and accounting firm in the UAE to incorporate ‘Six Sigma’ lean management techniques in the services that we are offering to our clients. Our  Auditing, Accounting, VAT/TAX Consulting, ESR Filing, and Business Setup for companies in the UAE are at par with global standards.

Primarily, we use an innovative ‘shared services’ model and the latest technologies to offer the best value to clients.

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