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We’re a leading firm of chartered accountants & VAT/Tax advisers supporting entrepreneurs, high net worth individuals, family offices and growing businesses in UAE.

You can obtain many benefits from an audit by audit firms in Dubai with regulated auditors who are capable of handling this matter for your company. Besides the fact that there are beneficial things to reap from an audit, it is also mandated by the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a company to hire a licensed auditor in UAE to audit their company. As per the Federal Law No. 2 of 2015, companies are also expected to keep their financial records for five years.

We can help you with this. ALYA . is known to be one of the leading top audit firms in Dubai, catering to businesses all over the country. Our 35 years of experience give us the extensive knowledge that clients need for a successful audit.

The solutions that we give to our clients are quality ones that help them prevent and eliminate issues that are present in their company. We are an up-to-date firm that is always in the loop with any changes in the accounting and auditing world to ensure that we are on par with international standards.

Our Auditing Service in the UAE Includes

Auditor in Dubai,UAE

Add value to your business by using the audit as a basis to identify and resolve commercial issues and to improve your business processes.

Use the understanding and insight gained from the audit as a basis for helping you develop strategies to drive your business forward.

Reduce risk and improve your organisational performance by challenging existing assumptions and practices.

In the present world, it has become tough to avoid fraud. What’s more stringent than that is to detect them. By evaluating financial reports of the company, one may know where the mischief has happened. Alya Auditors forensic audit service and cash embezzlement service are  perfectly fit for your company for fraud detection.

Our Audit also identifies your strengths on which lesser effort can give you more return. We provide advice to you based upon the results which can safeguard you from the potential threats. Our widely extended service makes us one of the top audit firms in Dubai.

It will also highlight control weaknesses and let the business owner know if risk management processes are operating effectively thus increasing the efficiency of your business.

Our Audit Procedure

Out of all our auditing services, we need to find a suitable one for you. Depending upon the industry, we select the audit cycles which are required to be implemented on your business. This helps us to prepare an accurate quotation for you.

After the approval of services and quotation, we need the company to provide us information required to conduct the audit. The data is based on the type of audit we perform. Generally, the financial data (credit notes, debit notes, invoices, purchases, etc.) is required for the Statutory Audit. The forensic audit requires information about employees as well.

Our tailor made plan depends upon the necessity of the client. For different audit types, such as balance sheet audit, cash flow statement audit, fraud audit inventory audit, cash audit, stock audit, etc., different methodologies have been developed. Alya Auditors has created its own techniques which are efficient enough to perform a precise audit.

Auditing is done for various sections, and different auditing reports are generated. We review the generated document to make sure it is with respect to the federal law of UAE. It is further merged into one before presenting in front of the board of directors and shareholders.

The audit report contains all the information required to know the complete picture of your company. Based on that, if you need further assistance in making any changes, we will be available for you.

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