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Uniquely, we are the only auditing company in the UAE to incorporate ‘Six Sigma’ lean management techniques into the services we provide. Our  Auditing, Accounting, VAT/TAX Consulting, ESR Filing, and Business Setup for companies in the UAE are at par with global standards.

Certainly, reach your business financial goals this 2022!

Chiefly, professionalism is evident in offering  Auditing, Accounting, VAT/TAX, ESR Return Filing, and related services in Dubai, UAE

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Small Business- how alya can help you

While we handle the finances of small businesses, you can focus on your business goals. Throughout the process, we will be able to offer you support and services that will help you grow your business.

Growing Business uae- how alya auditors can help you

Advance your business by maintaining control. Our Virtual Accounts office readily expands to support ambitious growth, delivering services such as cloud accounting, payroll, auditing, and VAT advice.

Mature Business- how alya auditors can help you

Consequently, our accounts office team can be trusted providing an economic range of services you need to keep your business lean & efficient. Accounts, payroll, auditing even your virtual finance director.

Mature Business- how alya auditors can help you

Finally, our Virtual Accounts Office is the ideal solution for international companies with UAE subsidiaries. From professional advice that easily scales, we’ll be your UAE partner, wherever you’re based.

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Lara 68
Lara 68Manager, Mace International
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In fact, I'd say that , I had a smooth audit experience with Mr Bibin. In fact, extremely satisfied with his work. Thank you. We would suggest Alya as one of the top audit Companies in Dubai.
Waqas maddas
Waqas maddasMD Alif Solutions DMCC
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In my experience, the best and smooth auditing experience ever.. ALYA team is highly qualified & extremely professional. They not only audited my company accounts @ reasonable price but also provided consultation. Additionally, I had a great experience working with Alya team and will continue to do so !
Cristus Cleetus
Cristus CleetusCEO, Turquoic
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When our company was setup, we were looking for someone offering A to Z solutions. We ended at Alya Auditors. Alya has a full backup and support system and hence, they are succefully handling our entire project. Thank you
SholeshMD, Stitches Dubai
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"Outstanding service, communication and expert advise on doing business in Dubai. Payroll reports are always correct and on time".

Why you should hire an audit company in the UAE

Firstly, the services offered by an audit company in Dubai UAE help assess a company’s economic health. Further, it allows a business owner to assess the current business procedures and make decisions regarding the future. Consequently, an audit report can provide an accurate assessment of a company’s financial health and specific condition.

In numerous instances, Dubai’s top audit companies are called upon to provide auditing services to businesses.

Defending against the theft of financial resources

Undoubtedly, to detect fraud and errors, firms may need an audit firm. In addition, auditing companies help firms prevent errors as well as recommend necessary steps to prevent fraud. It is possible for organizations to fall victim to a variety of frauds. Additionally, a scam-avoidance audit allows the business to obtain detailed information about its financial health, allowing for an in-depth analysis of the firm’s functions.

Knows what a business needs

In fact, UAE’s accounting and auditing companies can be divided into three categories; top-tier audit firms. Typically, these companies serve mid-sized and large corporations that have complex regulatory cases and financial requirements. Generally, mid-tier firms serve mid-sized companies and a few large corporations. As a third option, you can hire a small firm that specializes in serving small businesses and individuals. 

Importantly, Choose an audit Company in UAE that understands your business needs clearly. The scope, work, and size of your organization should all be considered when making such a decision.

Investors Confidence Increases

To highlight, Audits conducted on companies by audit firms in Dubai, add credibility to the company’s profile. Investors and shareholders gain more confidence as a result. The trust factor of the company rises.

Pinpointing the Weak Areas

Basically, Auditors of auditing companies in the UAE inspect the financial books carefully, and if they notice any loopholes, they inform management. They also advise measures to overcome the issues.

Compliant-friendly Service

Remarkably, the auditing services provided by an audit company in the UAE comply with International Financial Reporting Standards and FTA regulations.

To be precise, an audit helps in identifying risks, which may be hindrances or obstacles to the growth of an organization. It also aids in ensuring effective financial reporting, and in complying with the regulations of FTA, IFRS, and GAAP.

Notably, all the rules and laws in the UAE for businesses are changing day by day and it is difficult to keep everything in your mind while running your business. Auditing firms will make sure that all your company’s legal requirements are met and you are running your business smoothly. In addition, the audit process identifies the risk involved in business operations as it relates to the industry and business market. Audit Companies in Dubai, UAE design and conduct audits to enhance the effectiveness, quality, and efficiency of the auditing process.  

Documents to be maintained by companies before the annual audit

Notably, The following are the list of documents to be maintained  by each DMCC entity for the annual audits :

  • Legal Documents

The Memorandum of Association (MoA), the Articles of Association (AoA), as well as the company bylaws should be in your checklist when preparing for the auditing in Dubai, UAE.

  • List of All the Bank Accounts

 A statement listing all bank accounts, including the bank name, account number, and authorized signatories should be prepared. The auditor will also need confirmation of the bank’s balances from the bank itself.  

  • Documentation of all transactions

As part of the audit, you should mention all transactions that took place at your company for a specific period. Bills and invoices should be attached to the order.

  • Company’s trial balance

The trial balance is the first thing audit firms check as all the numbers in your company’s financial statements are traceable back to it.

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Role of Accounting and Auditing companies in Dubai, UAE

Notably, every business is unique – but what all the businesses need are expert financial advice and an impeccable accounting system.

Hence, the role of Audit Companies in the UAE is increasing day by day. Indeed, right from the setting up of the business to liquidation, the auditors play a very vital role.  

Corporate tax and its impact on accounting and auditing in the UAE

To emphasize, by the implementation of Corporate tax in the UAE in the mere future, almost all the businesses in the UAE should appoint an external auditor. Of course, apart from legally setting up a business in the UAE  auditor’s advice in the development of the business is also remarkable.

To conclude, auditors in the UAE help the businesses in making sure that all the legal aspects of the business like the VAT/TAX, ESR, and even the corporate tax rules in the UAE are being taken care of.

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No Delay

If you have any special audit deadline, we will meet your expectations and deliver promptly. Our average KPI of audit time frame is less than 1 month.

99.9% Satisfaction

Being the leading audit firm in Dubai with hundreds of audit clients, we have a high customer satisfaction KPI of 99.9% which is proven by low lost customer rate.

Practical Solutions

With very wide industrial experience,We provide practical audit solutions to improve your corporate governance and the quality of financial statements.

Served By Experts

All audit engagements will be assigned to senior or managerial auditors. So,don't be worried about having junior auditors who may be inexperienced.

Response In 24 Hours

Alya has a strict quality control policy that requires our teams to reply to your inquiry in a 24-hour period.We will make sure that all our clients are always happy.

One-stop Solution

Besides audit services, Alya provides corporate advisory services like Accounting and VAT/TAX. All services done at Alya reduces process, time, and cost.

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