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Alya auditors services will help your organisation to identify and take action to protect itself from the greatest risks to its strategy, finances and operations.

An organisation’s failure to manage risks effectively can ultimately lead to its demise. Organisations therefore need a focused approach to internal audit and risk management. Alya tailors its internal audit to your organisation’s sector, size, risk appetite and regulatory requirements. We focus on delivering a bespoke internal audit solution that provides the assurance and advice you need and suits the way you do business. We assist with outsourcing/co-sourcing, internal audit transformation and internal audit start-up, as well as helping clients improve their internal controls to boost efficiency and value. We can provide extensive knowledge, sector specialisms and technical risk expertise, which we will tailor to your individual needs.

Identify and mitigate the most serious risks to your business

Our risk-based approach identifies the strategic, operational and financial risks where organisations require assurance and advice. Alya then works to ensure that your systems, processes, people and working practices are all aligned for the purpose of managing risks and achieving your business objectives. We identify areas of control weakness and then agree with management prioritized corrective actions, setting out a clear path for continual improvement and risk mitigation. Alya also helps organisations which already have some of the necessary skills in this area, by providing supplementary expertise where needed. Some of our clients require full outsourced solutions, while others already have established internal audit functions and simply need specialist co-sourced support. Whatever your organisation’s needs, our experienced internal audit and risk management professionals are ready to help you improve your systems of governance, risk and control.

Contact Alya’s Internal Audit Services, to discuss the internal audit solution that would best help your organisation manage risks more effectively.

Role of the Internal Auditor:

  • The main responsibilities are to conduct Internal Audit Activities base on their risks assessments.
  • The risks assessment should be rank from strategy risks to the reliability of financial information. The Company assets are secured, and Internal Control of the company is effectively and efficiently.
  • Internal Audit is also responsible to ensure all kind of risks are inform and communicate to the management of the company and its BOD.
  • Mostly, the communication between internal audit and BOD is done through the internal audit committee.

Internal audit committee summarizes the significant points that concern and faced during the period or engagement time to BOD for their attention and invention.

Here are the main responsibilities:

  • Perform risks assessments for all significant areas in the entity
  • Prepare annual planning base on risks assessed
  • Make sure all of those risks are address to the audit committee and board of directors
  • Manage audit resources to ensure that the audit plan get done with both quality and quantity
  • Perform internal audit activities
  • Communicate audit findings to executive and making they are settled
  • Report a significant issue to the committee or board of directors.

Alya Auditors provide all kinds of Audit Services including Internal Audit Services

Internal Audit Diagram
Internal Audit Diagram
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