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Which Business Activity is Suitable for your Business

The idea of setting up a new business in Dubai is a great decision. The selection of the business activity is also a very crucial part of the new setup. There are more than 40 Free Zones in the UAE. Dubai operates more than 25 free zones and truly speaking each free zone is unique in terms of business activity, infrastructure, world-class facility, geographical location, types of license, license fees and many more.

Business Activity List

Every free zone has its own list of business activities. There are more than 2500 business activities on the list. As you think about new startups, the first and foremost thing is to select the right activity for your business then the category of license comes. Suppose if you think that I am into the service industry so I will take a service license but the selection of business activity which clearly specifies your kind of service which you are going to deliver is very very important.

Few examples of Special Business Activity

IF suppose your business activity is related to Crypto trading then there are only 2 free zones that provide the crypto activity license. DMCC Free zones and DAFZA free zones are given licenses that cover the crypto business activity. These free zones are very strict in terms of the business activity which they offer. If your business activity is related to Media then Dubai Media City is the free zone that is best suitable for you.

Free Business Activity

Free Zones giving 3 business activities free beyond 3 each activity is chargeable and maximum you can select upto 7 activities under one group.


To avoid messing up at the end and unnecessary expenses take the help of professional agents/Consultants who can help you in selecting the best and right business activity for your business and you will end up with the correct business license in your hand.

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