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What is EmaraTax & How Can it Provide a Better Experience for Taxpayers Managing their Tax Obligations

In line with its announcements during the past few weeks, the Federal Tax Authority has confirmed that the EmaraTax is in its final stages of development and will go live on 5th December 2022. Further, Wednesday, 30 November, will see the migration to EmaraTax.

In order to minimize disruption for taxpayers, the FTA is moving to EmaraTax during National Day and well ahead of the usual deadlines for tax return submission and payment.

As a result of EmaraTax, taxpayers will have greater access to the FTA’s services, be able to pay their taxes, and receive refunds. Additionally, the new platform enhances the FTA’s ability to administer taxes in the UAE, enabling better, faster decisions and earlier engagement with taxpayers who require assistance.

EmaraTax integrates with influential government entities such as the UAE Central Bank and national technology-based programs including UAE PASS to streamline user experience. This also aligns with the national digital agenda to leverage emerging technologies and build a solid digital infrastructure that serves the people and business community of the UAE.

EmaraTax is intuitive, easy to navigate and offers improved self-help options for when you need assistance. It will also be available on mobile soon.

New tax management platform to improve taxpayer experience.

By using EmaraTax, the UAE will be able to make better, faster decisions and engage with taxpayers earlier, enhancing its ability to administer taxes.

The EmaraTax platform integrates with government agencies such as the UAE Central Bank and national technology programs such as UAE PASS in order to streamline the user experience. Furthermore, this aligns with the UAE’s national digital agenda to leverage emerging technologies and build a robust digital infrastructure.

As part of the UAE’s Digital Government Strategy 2025, and in accordance with Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s directives as Vice President and Prime Minister, Ruler of Dubai, the new platform will leverage the latest technologies and build a robust digital infrastructure to serve UAE citizens and businesses.

With EmaraTax, you’ll find easy-to-use navigation, intuitive design, and improved self-help. Soon, a mobile version will be available as well.

Once the platform goes live, taxpayers will be able to manage their taxes online using an improved platform with a wide range of features. Also, the FTA plans to expand its mobile application EmaraTax until the beginning of next year.

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