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What is Audit Trail?

When an external auditor asks a question to better understand a certain accounting transaction, most business owners become anxious. You may also have difficulty making sensible business judgments as a result of erroneous financial data, but a proper audit log or audit trail would have prevented such unforeseen events.

An audit trail is a collection of documents that may be used to verify the validity of transactions recorded in your accounting books. The audit trail is the accounting documentation you preserve for recording your company’s transactions. An audit trail allows you to trace a transaction back to its source. An audit trail, whether electronic or physical, can also help you comprehend your company’s financial history and current situation. You can assure adequate accounting trail management by choosing the top accounting services in Dubai.

What Is an Audit Trail and What Does It Contain?

An audit trail is a record of business events such as the creation of an order, the delivery of cargo, the filing of an insurance claim, and so on. Each record would include details such as the nature of the event, who was responsible for its development, and the day and time it took place. Businesses utilize audit trails to check whether or not an accounting entry is correct. Audit trails are extensively used in the healthcare, finance, accounting, and information technology industries.

The following are some examples of documentation you should retain as part of your audit trail:

Purchase orders

Business invoices

Written estimates

Correspondence from transactions 

Why is an Audit Trail Important for Your Company?

Because of the following reasons, having a good audit trail is critical:

1. Fraud detection and prevention

An audit trail aids in the detection and prevention of fraud within the company. You can confirm certain accounting transactions using a trail of papers, allowing you to establish the transactions are legitimate. Ensure that all payments are accompanied by supporting papers such as purchase orders and invoices that have been approved.

Your audit trail should also include a financial reconciliation. An audit trail not only aids in the detection of fraud but also in the prevention of it. Employees will be less likely to conduct fraud if they know you are watching and recording their operations using an audit trail.

2. Makes Auditing Less Stressful

Aside from assisting you in tracking accounting transactions, an audit trail is quite useful to auditors during financial audits. The audit trail can be used by auditors to locate and verify the company’s activity. The audit process will go well for everyone involved if your organization has a good audit trail.

Annual audits are typically regarded as onerous for business owners and managers. The presence of a well-prepared audit trail, on the other hand, makes it less stressful for you. Consider the following scenario: the auditors have discovered an unusual transaction in the account books and have inquired about its veracity. Without an audit trail, validating the transaction would be more difficult. However, if an audit trail exists, auditors can evaluate supporting paperwork such as invoices to validate the transaction. Accounting firms in Dubai can aid you in correctly keeping track of your audit trail.

3. Improves the accuracy of records

An audit trail is a reliable approach for dealing with the problems that come with erroneous financial data. Business owners, investors, and lenders can make better decisions with accurate financial data. An audit trail gives you a comprehensive picture of your company’s finances and guarantees that your books are up to date. With the guidance of the best accounting firms in Dubai, create a thorough audit trail.

4. Aids in Securing Loans with Ease

Banks in the UAE will ask for your business plans and financial accounts if you are searching for a loan for your company. To authenticate the information in the financial accounts, the banks would seek verification of revenue and expenses. An audit trail, which includes rigorous record-keeping, will assist you in providing enough financial information to lenders.

Some banks may even request a financial statement that has been audited. Maintaining accurate records of all transactions speeds up the process and lowers the cost of auditing in Dubai. Maintaining a proper audit trail would benefit from the support of the best accounting firms in Dubai.

5. Reduces HR & Payroll Challenges

Payroll and human resource records are essential to the audit trail in general. Companies are required to keep records of employee employment, termination, compensation, and eligibility to work in the UAE. The labor department will impose penalties if certain mandatory requirements are not followed.

Employee disagreements are typical in a global market like Dubai. Dealing with staff conflicts will take up a lot of your time and resources. You can avoid such arguments with the use of an audit trail. Keeping track of all time, cards, and other employee documents is a good method to reduce the dangers associated with such conflicts.

What can we do to assist you?

To check whether a transaction is accurate or not, businesses must properly document each accounting transaction using traditional techniques or computerized forms. Purchase orders, company invoices, written estimates, and transaction communication are among the most frequent documents that make up the audit trail. Accounting firms in Dubai, such as Alya Auditors, can help you create a strong audit trail for your business. 

We have highly qualified Chartered Accountants in Dubai, UAE who can diagnose and provide insights into issues with your accounting department. We can manage your books of accounts and produce professional financial reports to assist you in obtaining loans and investments. You can also rest assured that your company’s financial health is in good hands if you use our top accounting services in Dubai.