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VAT registration of ‘Sole Establishments’- New Amendment

Please be informed that Public Clarification VATP026 replaces Public Clarification VATP021.

A natural or legal person may own a number of sole establishments. There has been uncertainty on whether each sole establishment needs to obtain a separate VAT registration or whether all such establishments should be included under one VAT registration.

This Public Clarification clarifies the VAT registration obligations of a person in respect of its sole establishments. Note that the term “person” refers to a natural or legal person.

A sole establishment (also referred to as sole proprietorship) is a form of business that is 100% owned by a person. A sole establishment does not have a legal personality that is independent of its owner and is accordingly considered to be the same person as to its owner. It should be noted that, for VAT purposes, a One-Person Company LLC or other similar entities are not considered sole establishments, and are seen as a distinct and separate legal person from their owner (unless the relevant applicable legislation state otherwise). For more details download the entire rule here.

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