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Given the complexities of VAT and the ever-changing dynamic environment that regulates this tax, VAT planning is seldom a simple task. Ensuring the maximum possible reclaim of input VAT is essential for any business to remain competitive.

Alya works closely with its clients, associates and its network of professionals to devise solutions and develop strategies that will maximize benefits.This unique quality helps us to remain the Top VAT Consultants in Business Bay,Dubai.

It also works hard to research common law by the Federal Tax Authority and advise its clients or their professional consultants on defending their businesses against aggressive VAT practices from Federal Tax Authorities. The need to undertake VAT planning is of paramount importance.

  • Development of VAT Planning Strategies
  • VAT Opinions on Proposed Business Ventures or Specific Transactions
  • VAT Opinions on Assessments Raised by the Authorities, or Other Member States
  • Internal VAT Seminars and Training Courses
  • Advice on Changes in VAT Legislation and Other VAT Related Matters

General VAT Services

 In Alya specialised staff  have been trained to look at the detail behind transactions and highlight any areas that warrant further analysis or discussion. The purpose is to constantly monitor whether there is further scope for VAT planning, whilst ensuring that the business is VAT compliant.VAT compliance is often overlooked by businesses. The subject of compliance is of the utmost importance, not solely because of the high penalties but also because of the high importance of compliance in the general context of a business.

The compliance process also aims at checking on the correct and efficient application of VAT legislation

VAT Consultation Services in Dubai, UAE includes :

  • Registration/Deregistration with Federal Tax Authorities
  • Group Registration with Federal Tax Authorities
  • Helping to file VAT Returns
  • Monitoring of Transactions to Ascertain Scope for Further VAT Planning.

A standard rate is levied almost across all sectors and has been fixed at 5%.   All invoices will be required to show the tax value separately and the final bill value is the sum of the total plus the tax.

A zero rate means that the tax is computed at a zero rate. The invoice will be required to show the tax column, but with a zero rate and zero value.  It is important to show the zero value as subsequent transactions will not be allowed to off-set the tax charged for items in this category.

The Tax Exempt supplies are not charged any VAT, however any tax paid earlier on purchases of the item is not available for credit.