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Setting up a company in DMCC Dubai

Some of the Business Activities are as follows:

1 Assembly
2 Trading Activities
3 Marketing Services
4 Education and Training
5 Precious Metals and Stones
6 IT Consultancy
7 Oil & Gas Consultancy

Business Set up Benifits in DMCC are as follows:

1 Business ownership
2 seamless setup
3 capital Repatriation
4 Tax benefit (Corporate Tax and Income Tax is 0%)
5 Duty free Benefit
6 Low operational and Freight charges

Types of Licenses are

1 General Trading License
2 Industrial License
3 Service License

DMCC company set up takes 2 to 4 weeks depending upon business activities and half of the procedures can be done remotely. Company owner cannot get a visa designation like in many other zones. Instead they can have any top managerial position. Employees who need to get managerial position in the visa have to provide attested educational certificates. Minimum share capital of AED 50,000 required to set up business.

(All Amount in AED)

License Cost 20,285         (Have to renew annually and cost will be same every year)

One-time Registration 9,020

Establishment Card 1,835 (Have to be renew annually cost will be AED 250)

Articles of Association 2,020

Name Reservations 1,000

Application Fees 1,035

Business Set up Packages are as follows: –

SME’s and Entrepreneurs

Jump Start Package

One Year Includes (Advance payment in full AED 43,780)

Two Year Package Advance Payment in full AED 81881

Payment in 2 installments AED 54,090 (Pay upfront)

AED 34,828(pay in 12 months)

Three Year Package Advance

Payment in full AED 120,000
Payment in 2 installments AED 75,219 (Pay upfront)
AED 48,353 (Pay in 18 Months)
Flexi Desk Charges 17,500

Ideal for Startups SME’s and Entrepreneurs

DMCC Company License Company Stamp and Commemorative Certificate

Establishment Card
Standard Flexi desk (Eligible for 3 Resident visas)
One UAE Resident visa (Valid for 3 years) included in package price

Business Setup-Basic Biz Package (Ideal for Individual Entrepreneurs) Package price AED 35,448

DMCC Company License Company Stamp and Commemorative Certificate

Establishment Card

Special Flexi Desk (Eligible for 1 Resident Visa)

Tailored Package for Individual Shareholder

Prime Plus Package (Ideal for Medium and Large Companies)
Package price AED 76,100 (Advance payment in full)
Package price AED 79,145 (AED 47,577 pay upfront and AED 31,568 pay in 18 Months)

Three Year Company License

3 Visa (UAE Resident)

Company Stamp and Commemorative Certificate
Establishment Card
Operational Fitness Certificate

JLT Resident Package

Package Price (AED 29,185)

DMCC Company License
Special Flexi Desk Option

You can choose 6 activities for the same code according to restriction and minimum capital requirement from the DMCC Free zone activity list.

A slightly cheaper alternative option for business setup in Dubai could be Dubai South or IFZA.