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Quick Glance at the major changes in the Visa Rules in UAE

The federal Authority and Identity, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) announced the favorable changes in the visa system of the UAE. The newly introduced visa and changes in the previous one is very much awaited and attractive. Have a quick glance below the changes in the visa.

Visit Visa

Earlier 30 days tourist visa extended to 60 days. Now tourists will get more time to enjoy and explore the country. The Five-year multi entry visa also introduces in which an individual can stay continuously for 90 days if wish can extend stay also but should not extend 180 days in a year. This does not require any sponsor.

Job Exploration Visa

Job Exploration Visa given to individuals who are talented and skilled and want to try their luck in the UAE. UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratization approved skills required to qualify. New graduates who are from top 500 universities can also apply for this visa. This visa does not require any sponsorship or host.

Green Visa

Green Visa also does not require any local sponsor. The visa holder can sponsor their family, relatives. Green visa is valid for 5 year earlier it was 2 years.

Freelancers, skilled workers, and investors are eligible for this visa. There is a minimum requirement related to salary, educational qualification, and investment to apply for this visa.

Parents can sponsor their son till the age of 25. Earlier it was 18 years. There is no limit for the unmarried daughter to be sponsored by their parents.

Golden Residence Visa

Golden Visa focuses to retain and attract the skilled professionals in the country. This visa is for up to 10 years. This is a self-sponsored visa. The visa holder can stay outside the country for an indefinite period.

Frontline Heroes, Scientist, Real Estate Investor, Investment in company (Public, Private), Exceptional talented people can also apply.

The entrepreneurs can enjoy 100% ownership of their business with the Golden residence visa.

Investors can buy the property for not less than AED 2 million to get this visa. Previously the loan property was restricted but now you can buy property on loan from a local bank.

There are some more updates and announcements are expected from the directive of the relevant Government Authority. Please feel free to contact for more information.