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Business Valuation in the UAE

Why Have a Business Valuation in the UAE ?

Business valuation might be done if the owner (or owners) of the business are considering selling some or all of their shares within the business, or that a buyer is looking at purchasing a business and that the purchaser needs to know what the business is worth “on paper” before making an offer. It might be on the death of an owner, or for drawing up a will, divorce or it might just be because the owner of the business wants to know what he or she is worth. There can be any number of reasons for wanting to know the value of a company or business.

What is a Business Valuation Report?

The starting point in producing a business valuation report is to work from full sets of statutory accounts, preferably covering the last 3 years of trading, up to date management accounts, and a budget or forecast for the current year.  The Valuer will often have quite detailed questions and will need to know if any exceptional costs are likely to keep recurring or if just a “one-off”.  As most business owners either pay themselves too little money or too much, the Valuer will need to understand what a realistic figure would be for someone running the business, to ensure that the valuation report provides a fair and realistic figure.  Other points to consider are a type of business, the spread of turnover, types of customers, years of trading, depreciation, trademarks, IP, key employees, future business potential, and so on!

How can we help?

Alya Auditors is a leading DMCC registered audit firm with a strong presence in the local business community and is well known for its quality of service delivery. Alya Auditors serves businesses in the UAE with their experience in auditing, accounting, and VAT in the UAE. We have mainly developed our business through small and medium-sized companies and we work closely with key authorities across all jurisdictions in UAE including DMCC.

Our team of professional auditors works closely with clients to take care of financial statements and to make sure all the audit-related requirements are met proficiently.

You can consult with one of our team members for a quick consultation related to audit or any other business-related matters.

Apart from the above services we are also helping the companies and businesses in the UAE to file their ESR notification.

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