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Tips for New Startups in the UAE

After Researching different cases and new setups in Dubai we Alya Almarzooqi Auditing team got some best checklists to make you aware and give you confidence to start your new business in Dubai.

Dubai is the best place to start your new business if you want to grow internationally. With an increasing investment in infrastructure Dubai government is also investing in giving opportunity to the new entrepreneurs to start their business. You have choices between Mainland, Offshore and Free zones to set up your new office. The UAE has more than 40 Free zones more than 2500 Business Activity and many different choice of License type suits to your business activity, different options available to choose office setup (Flexi desk, Dedicated desk, Sharing Desk, Private office, Personal office and so on)

Some of the Key awareness points before new startups in the UAE

  1.       Start with a clear idea of your business activity
  2.       Focus on your target Audience
  3.       Select best type of the license according to your business activity
  4.       Advisable to hire a local Experienced Agent
  5.       Advisable to make a perfect number of team of Shareholders, Directors, secretary and employees.
  6.       Keep a clear plan ready with your budget, marketing strategy, future plans etc.
  7.       Keep all the legal documents clear and handy.
  8.       Don’t get quickly attracted with the offers of Free zones. It is advisable to contact them and discuss with them in detail regarding all the charges.


You are passionate, hardworking and can make your business world class. Don’t miss this opportunity and don’t let the time go. Grab the opportunity of the UAE government and start your new startups immediately. We are here to assist you and you can contact us for a free consultation.

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Despite the fact that UAE company formation can be done in a straightforward and fast process, you should know that only a UAE registered agent has the ability to apply for the incorporation. Each type of company also has its own characteristics and incorporation requirements. Therefore, if you are going to establish a company in the UAE, bear in mind to well examine whether the proposed type is the best fit with your company’s demands and goals. You are recommended to seek advice from professional experts before setting up your company.

Should you have any questions on each UAE company type, do not hesitate to drop us an online message to live chat with our consultant team for further useful information.

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