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Investment opportunity in Dubai

Dubai is a vibrant city. Every year the number of expats keeps on increasing. Expats trust the UAE government; they love safe and modern life. Geographical location also attracts the expats here for doing business. As we all know the UAE government respects the talent of the people. They give opportunity to every talented and aspiring individual who wants to start their career/business in the UAE. The major changes in the Visa and introduction of the new category of visa, have more than 1000 options of business activities, wide range of license category and a reasonable cost of license are few things which attracts more and more expats every year.

1) Real Estate Investment:-

One of the major investment sectors in Dubai is Real Estate. In 2021 Dubai Real Estate made a history of touching AED 300 billion of total transaction value.  It has been seen in Q2 of 2022, 45.86% increase in volume of transaction and 61.56% increase in value of transaction when it compared to Q2 of 2021. Apartments Villas/townhouses all have made a record in the month of September, 2022. Dubai land Department latest data of November,2022 showed a record transaction worth over AED 989 million comprising transaction of sales, mortgage deals, gift deals in villas and apartments and land plots.

The Dubai Land Department has total control of Real Estate transactions. Sales purchase transaction, approval/registration of documents, anything related to real estate pass through the Dubai Land Department. 

In 2007 RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) came into existence in order to safeguard the interest of all the stakeholders in the real estate market. Its main objective is to monitor all the development projects and also to take active part in compliance of developers, brokers etc.

In a nutshell, the Real Estate investment opportunity is very safe and profitable in Dubai. People earn very well through Rental Income also. The UAE Government is taking all the measures and care through their regulatory arms to protect the investors.

2) Gold Investment:-

Gold is the best investment option for the investors in Dubai. As we all witness that the gold price never comes down to zero rather than it is gradually increasing. Gold is associated with many social, customs and rituals of many communities.  Tax exemption and a lowest VAT of 5% (refundable) is the main reason the gold price is cheaper in Dubai compared to other countries. Investors make good money in gold in Dubai. Making charges on gold are very reasonable and plus you have freedom to bargain on making charges. Gold Souk is known to be a popular place to buy gold apart from the malls and other areas in the city where almost all the popular brands shops are available.

3) Business Investment:-

It is another trending and very popular option for investment in Dubai. No tax, 100% ownership of business, Business location, more than 40 free zones all over the UAE, more than 1000 business activities, easy mainland setup, affordable offshore business setup can’t stop you from investing in business. This is a very wide and progressive idea for the individuals and their family’s future. The license procedure is very easy and transparent in the UAE. Liquidation process is easy as well.

4) Funds, stocks, shares, crypto currency investment :-

Dubai International Financial Exchange was rebranded as Dubai Nasdaq in 2008. NASDAQ Dubai was set up to trade international stocks. With the help of a stockbroker you can open an account and can get access to the UAE stock exchange for trading. The investor who is experienced can enter into this zone of investment. Today many expats are also looking to invest in crypto currency and start their career in Dubai. There is tremendous scope in this sector.

Hence this is some basic ideas about how expats can invest in Dubai. Dubai city is a very good option for investment. We Alya Almarzooqi Auditing are experts in Business Setup since last more than 17 years in Dubai. Feel free to contact us at for more enquiries. 

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