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From the 1st of January 2018, Value Added Tax (VAT) has come into effect in the UAE. If, as a business, you have not yet planned for VAT, it is imperative that you should plan for the impact of VAT over your business right now. A Good VAT Advisor in Dubai can help you avoid fines and keep the company operations smooth, so being careful in choosing a good VAT consultant in UAE is advisable.

Even some of them have developed VAT applications (VAT App, IOS, Android) in order to facilitate their clients as a useful tool.

Since the taxes are being introduced for the first time in GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

VAT it can be fragile on so many levels as for the compliance is concerned.

Based on my experience in Tax Consultancy Firm, where I worked for 8+ years dealing with 5 kinds of direct and indirect taxes in the country, I have in my opinion the following things should be kept in mind before hiring a VAT Consultant.

Experienced Consultant

Another requirement in hiring VAT Consultant in UAE is the “Experience”.

VAT will be the first tax to be implemented in UAE so there is no point that there would be any previous case studies/ examples/ precedents available to follow or pitch to client.

But at the same time VAT is not new globally. There are approximately 200+ countries where indirect taxes are applicable, which are in majority and there are counties which are still VAT free, countries in the world where indirect taxes are applicable and the tax rate ranges from 0 to 28%.

Wherever your business operates in the UAE, VAT is bound to impact your company inevitably. Are you searching for the right VAT Consultants in the UAE, that helps you in obtaining VAT compliance?ALYA has been offering VAT consultancy services in UAE, across diverse sectors.

Using the wide range of network of firms that Alya Auditors has, ALYA Auditors has been able to access specialized services from global member firms in traditionally taxed economies like Europe and India who are working with ALYA’s tax team to address the challenges that UAE companies face in getting themselves ready for VAT. At ALYA, we can help you plan for your VAT research and get ready for VAT compliance in the UAE.

  • VAT Applicability in Designated Zones
  • VAT Training in UAE by ALYA
  • VAT Registration Consultant
  • VAT Implementation

How Can We Help You

Like any new legislation, there are always challenges that businesses face while readying themselves for VAT. We have an exclusive team of trained Tax consultants in the UAE. The ALYA team will assist you to steer your business smoothly through the new tax laws.

Our professional VAT consulting services in UAE involves:

  • Providing an understanding of the Tax Laws and Executive Regulations to client companies.
  • Understanding your business model and evaluation of VAT impact on your business.
  • Providing inputs for using VAT compliant software for your company.
  • Exclusive VAT bookkeeping assistance.
  • Providing training to your staff on VAT.
  • Support for VAT registration for your company as individuals or as tax groups.
  • Helping you to prepare and execute all VAT related communication to your trade partners.
  • Providing strategic inputs for conducting your business in the post-VAT age, addressing aspects like pricing, working capital, marketing & communication etc.

ALYA’s VAT consultancy in the UAE assists you to obtain substantial knowledge in VAT and our consultants assure that your business process is totally prepared and skilled for the transition. Over and above the scope of services mentioned above, our VAT consultancy reports would include the following:

Analysis of the influence of VAT on costing, profitability and working capital. This evaluation provides and improved high level understanding to the management regarding the overall VAT impact on the business. Our VAT Implementation programs are backed up by training programs which are done in different modes – online trainings and webinars as well as personalized individual training or department level training on client requirements.

We also provide a general VAT sensitization training to key employees across various departments of the company that are impacted by VAT. This would involve engagement of other functions such as sales, marketing, sales coordination, administration etc. and at times the senior management of the company as well.

At the end of our consultancy, we provide you with a VAT Impact Study report comprising key recommendations, Transaction analysis as well as other aspects that will enable you to implement VAT successfully.

The VAT consultant in UAE should be experienced, having experience in Taxes especially indirect taxes.

You can see the VAT Tax rates .

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