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Dubai Free Zones for Logistics Companies

In the United Arab Emirates, there are several commercial prospects, and the government of the country is taking steps to attract more enterprises from around the world. The UAE has evolved into a breeding ground for a variety of businesses, as well as a gateway to Middle Eastern markets.

The government of the United Arab Emirates has taken several initiatives and has also provided many perks to businesses that choose to set up shop in the country. The introduction of several free zones in the UAE is one of the beneficial moves done by the UAE government. Please provide additional information about these free zones.

Free zones in the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates has numerous free zones located throughout the country. These free zones can be industry-specific and offer a variety of advantages to businesses. One of the most significant advantages of operating a business in a free zone is that the business will not be required to pay any taxes to the government. This can be quite beneficial to the firm and can significantly enhance earnings.

This step will also assist in luring more and more businesses from around the world, which will aid in the country’s economic development. A business can choose from a variety of free zones, allowing them to determine which area is best for them.

Perfect Free Zone for a Logistic Company

Each of the UAE’s free zones has its unique set of benefits for which the local free zone authorities will provide help. We’ve done our best to provide the best free zone for the logistics industry, but the company’s management should do their study to determine which free zone is best for them.

When deciding on an appropriate free zone for the organization, the management should consider the following factors:

Raw materials

The term “raw materials” refers to the materials that will be used in the business. We’ll use the logistics business as an example here. The major items, either finished Work in Progress or raw materials, will be conveyed via the mode of transportation used.


Transportation The majority of logistics firms will have access to both maritime and land transportation.


The markets to which the items will be transported must be relatively close together. The marketplaces in the logistics business should be conveniently accessible by any means of transportation.


Climate has a significant impact in determining where a corporation should locate its operations. The weather should not be too cold or too hot, as this could cause problems for the business. It will also be a hindrance to commercial operations. The markets to which the items will be transported must be relatively close together. The marketplaces in the logistics business should be conveniently accessible by any means of transportation.


Infrastructure includes not only office buildings and numerous vehicles, but also whether or not the roads are in good working order. If not, moving items from one location to another might be a challenging task for the company.

These are some of the considerations that should be examined when deciding on a business location. The following are some examples of acceptable Free Zones in the UAE:

  1. Dubai Airport Free Zone
  2. Dubai South Free Zone
  3. Sharjah Airport International Free Zone

Option 1 and 3 have airport connections to countries all around the world. As a result, the two free zones are extremely well connected, making it one of the greatest places to start a logistics company. However, it is suggested that management undertake a study into the best location for its business.

Feel free to contact the specialists at Alya Auditors for additional information on a suitable place to start a business, as well as information on how to start a business and the many services required after starting a business in any of the UAE’s free zones. We will be delighted to assist you.

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