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Cryptocurrency trading license | Procedures to obtain one in Dubai

Cryptocurrency trading license is approved by the SCA (Securities and Commodities Authority). Cryptocurrency trading is a hot topic of modern times. Every entrepreneur wants to take a dive into this world. With the gaining interest and popularity to give growth to the investors the UAE government gives license with their own rules and regulations. No personal tax and No Capital Gain Tax is the other appealing factor which attracts investors to set up a business in Dubai. There are many free zones in Dubai offering Cryptocurrency business activity licenses.

Some Basic Steps to obtain license

  1. Selection of the Free zones: – There are few Free zones in Dubai that provide cryptocurrency trading licenses. You must select the free zones of your choice.

  2. Decide the company name: – Decide the 3 names for your company.

  3. Registration form: – The Free zone which you have selected obtain the registration form from  that free zone fill it up and submit it. There is a document requirement list also attached with the form. Prepare all the legal documents also.

  4. Select space for your business: – It’s time to choose the best suitable place for your business which will give you a lease agreement. Lease agreement is as important as License. Lease agreement will give an address to your business.

  5.  Pay Fees: – Pay all your License fees and the rent with other charges which will be asked by the government authority or Free zones to pay at this stage.

  6.  License Issued: – After paying all the fees and the required documents along with the registration fee your license will be issued.

  7. Apply for UAE Residence Visa: – After getting license in your hand you can go for the  UAE Residence Visa Application. Some of the Free Zones are giving License + Residence Visa for that you must check the current schemes of the free zones in Dubai.

  8.  Bank Account Opening: – License is in your hand UAE residence visa in your hand now with residence agreement you can easily open a bank account in the UAE.

To  obtain a cryptocurrency license in Dubai is very simple. Our team will guide you end to end. Only you have to follow all the rules and regulations of the UAE government. And must prove and submit all the legal criteria required by the licensing authority.