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Start your online business in Dubai with an e-commerce license

Dubai is one of the world’s top markets for online businesses, generating $8.5 billion in revenue annually. To protect yourself and your clients, Dubai requires an e-trader licence to conduct online business. By doing this, you ensure that your business activities are legally compliant.

The market for e-commerce was boosted by the increase in online purchasing. The E-commerce market is a larger, increasingly popular industry. The biggest players in the e-commerce sector in the Emirati economy include Amazon, Noon, and Namshi. Many online channels are available for you to launch your business. The e-commerce industry is expanding more quickly and is anticipated to have a bright future. People must explore new ways to do business as evidenced by the expanding trends in e-commerce.

Driving Factors of the UAE’s E-Commerce Market:-

  • Rising demands for online shopping
  • No Import and Export duties
  • Multiple currency transactions are allowed
  • UAE Government’s investments and partnership with the global companies.
  • Easy Availability of E-commerce Apps.
  • Increasing pricing transparency
  • The upgrading version of the payment system and the services
  • Loyalty Rewards programmes offered by the Retailers
  • New E-commerce Programmes launched by the various UAE FZ Authorities

DMCC, Dubai Newly Launched an E-Commerce Programmes:-

The DMCC launched the DMCC e-commerce ecosystem to expedite the growth of the e-commerce sector across the MENA region. In the event of launching the new Ecosystem the Executive Chairman and CEO, DMCC, said: “Rapid digitalization across UAE and the wider region is driving growth in the e-commerce sector at an unprecedented rate.” This program is launched in partnership with storage provider The Box. The Box is known to be the largest self-storage provider of the Middle East. The DMCC and the storage partner The Box together will design a program which will be beneficial for the growth of the e-commerce entrepreneurs and SME.

E-commerce companies like Instashop, Deliveroo, Cafu, ClassPass etc. another 290 more companies like this are currently registered under DMCC. The currently valued $32 billion region’s e-commerce space is expected to hit $50 billion by 2025. Upward trajectory in the UAE’s E-commerce market is continuing to expect. The country is expected that this upward momentum will help to provide more opportunities in the job sector, payment sector, logistic sectors, technical and innovation sectors and the distribution sectors as well.

DMCC Free Zone E-Commerce Packages

(A) Basic E-Commerce Package – AED 40,915


DMCC License

1 Desk

3 + Visas Quota

50-100 sq. ft. Storage space at The Box

(B) Starter E- Commerce Package – AED 71,945


DMCC License

2 Desk

6+ visas Quota

300-750 sq. ft. Storage space at The Box

(C) Premium E- Commerce Package – AED 84,515


DMCC License

Private Office

7+ Visas Quota

400-750 sq. ft. Storage space at The Box

Other than this DMCC also gives access to various platforms (warehousing solutions, storage solutions, fulfilment centre) to grow your business. It offers a wide range of value added services also such as order deliveries, picking & packing, visa solutions, customs services, order deliveries etc.

Requirements for getting an E-Commerce License in Dubai?

 Select the type of license (either Free Zone or Mainland)

  • Select the 3 trade name for your company (Follow the UAE guidelines while selecting)
  • Submit all the required documents with license application
  • Select office space for business
  • Get the Ejari done for the office tenancy contract
  • Get the License and start the activity

There should be a company’s website, logistics support to deliver to your customers (either your own or the third party), registration of payment gateways (cashu, checkout, Telr, Payfort etc.)  

Our business consultant experts will help you to get a new E-commerce license. You can visit us at for more information and can call us on +971 487 69377 for expert advice.