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DWC (Dubai World Central Free Zone)/ Dubai South Company Formation

DWC is also known as Dubai South Free Zone. Dubai is growing at a faster pace and becomes almost every foreign investor’s choice. The Dubai government calls aspiring entrepreneurs to invest in the city after all new entrepreneurs are a part of the economy. The UAE government values skills, Innovation, Experience and Talent and giving roads to land your dream business.

Some of the Special features of the DWC (Dubai World Central Free Zone)

  • DWC free zone gives 100% ownership of business

  • 100% profit and Capital repatriation.

  • Exemption from all export and import duty

  • DWC Free zone is well connecting Abu Dhabi and Dubai, very near to Dubai Logistic corridor.

  • Can set up a branch or representative office. The branch office can be converted into a company later on.

  • Wide Choice available in leasing office and desk spaces.

  • Can be appointed up to 7 number of directors in a company.

  • Can open a company bank account.

Business Activities Offered

Trade, Logistics, Agriculture, Storage, Marketing, Aviation, Education, IT Consultancy etc.

Activities Covered

5 Activities covered under every Visa Package.

License Cost

0 Visa Package

AED 12,425 (Lease + License )

Includes Express Smart Desk.

1 Visa package

AED 17,485 (Lease + License)

Includes Shared Desk

2 Visa Package Includes Smart Desk

AED 21,985 (Lease + License)

2 Visa Package Includes Dedicated Desk

AED 27,985 (Lease + License)

3 Visa Package Includes Shared Office

AED 29,485 (Lease + License)

3 Visa Package Includes Dedicated (Permanent) Office

AED 31,735 (Lease + License)

Leases are available in 1 Year 2 Year and 3 Year Term fees changes accordingly.

Private Office

Above 3 Visas Private Office is Compulsory one can not choose shared desk or smart desk option.

We Alya Almarzooqi Auditing would feel glad to assist you and guide you end to end through your Business Setup Journey. It is advisable to take local Agent/Consultant help to avoid mess at the end.