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Visas for investors in Dubai

People from all over the world come to the UAE to pursue investment opportunities or create enterprises because of the country’s thriving economy and favorable business environment. The UAE maintains a unique visa category for such people called the Dubai investment visa or partner visa.

The visa is available to anyone who wants to invest or create a business on the mainland or in one of the free zones. However, depending on which emirate you choose, the application process may differ. The following section provides a summary of the Dubai investor visa, including the application process, fees, and more.

What is the Dubai Investor Visa?

This visa, also known as the Dubai partner visa, is designed for foreign people who desire to start or invest in a business in Dubai. They can also live, work, and sponsor family members in the UAE. The visa has a three-year validity period.

Do you want to apply for an investor visa in Dubai? Individuals who buy shares in an existing company worth a minimum of AED 72,000 or who form a firm with a capital investment worth the same amount are only eligible for this visa, according to Dubai investor visa guidelines.

What are the requirements for an Investor Visa in the Dubai Mainlands?

These documents are required as part of the Dubai investor visa application if you are investing in or starting a firm on Dubai’s mainland.

  • Bank Account IBAN Number of the sponsor
  • Establishment Card
  • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as proof of the share of ownership
  • One photograph with white background.
  • Partner’s current UAE visa (if applicable)
  • Partner’s passport copy
  • Sponsor’s original Emirates ID
  • Trade Licence Copy

Previously, a majority shareholder had to be a UAE national or an agent who could communicate with government offices. However, recent regulatory changes have made it possible for foreigners to acquire the entire mainland of Dubai. Without an Emirati majority shareholder, more than 1,000 commercial and industrial operations can now be carried out.

How to apply for the Dubai Investor Visa?

These are the steps to take if you wish to apply for a Dubai Investor Visa.

  • Apply for an entry permit at the immigration department, a typing center, or a Tasheel center.
  • Visit any government health center to acquire a medical fitness test. When filling the entry permit form, you will be asked to name a health center you want to visit.
  • Emirates ID application typed at an Amer Centre. Submit that application at a Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship center and carry your original Emirates ID (if applicable), photographs of your family, and Emirates ID application of family members at the time of submission. If you have never applied for Emirates ID before, you will need to provide biometric data.
  • You need to buy health insurance as part of your visa application. Check out the different health insurance companies in Dubai to see which one suits your needs best.
  • To convert your visa status to the investor residence visa in Dubai, visit any of the Amer centers across the city. You can find Amer centers in Al Jafiliya, Al Twar, Dubai Festival City, and Al Quoz.

What is the cost of acquiring the Investor Visa?

When applying for a Dubai investor visa through an Amer center, the cost is as follows:

  • Entry permit: AED 1,175 for individuals in the UAE and AED 525 for individuals outside the UAE.
  • Change of status: AED 675 (not required for individuals entering from outside the UAE).
  • Visa stamping: Approximately AED 870
  • Emirates ID: AED 405
  • Medical Tests: AED 322.5

Please be aware that the immigration establishment card required for the Dubai investor visa incurs additional fees.

Furthermore, the costs listed above are those imposed by the GDRFA. The Dubai Economic Department charges for trade licenses, which are not included in these figures.

You can also apply for an investment visa online using the E-government Directorate of Naturalization and Residency Department (e DNRD) portal, which is accessible to firms and establishments in Dubai.