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DMCC Approved Auditors List

In fact, we are DMCC’s most preferred auditor. Entrepreneurs, executives, family offices, and expanding companies can turn to Alya for auditing, accounting, and tax advisory services. 

Additionally, DMCC facilitates the trade of tea, food, and industrial materials. In total, over 18,000 companies are located in the DMCC’s world-class infrastructure, services, and vibrant community. As part of its compliance framework, DMCC ensures compliance with local and international laws.

Indeed, all DMCC member companies must have their audited financial statements audited by an auditor approved by the DMCC every year.  

List of DMCC-Approved Auditors in 2023

DMCC Account Number
Contact Number
Alya Almarzooqi Auditing
Office No1802, Silver Tower, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE
+971 4 876 9377
+971 52 9750690

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, as part of the renewal process of their licenses, all member companies in the DMCC free zone must submit an audit report prepared by an approved auditor.

The DMCC free zone requires every company to keep audited financials of the last five years. Business owners who fail to submit required documents to the free zone authority can be fined up to 5,000 AED or have their trade licenses rejected.

Basically, you should present the auditor with documents such as the trial balance, VAT return filings, general ledger, important business contracts, legal documents (copies of trade licenses and MoA), a fixed asset schedule with calculations of depreciation, a schedule of payables and accrued expenditures, a list of advances and prepayments, and a list of customers, suppliers and bank reconciliations, etc. Preparing the papers appropriately will make the auditing process easier for you as well as the auditor.

Chiefly, in order for an Audit Firm to be approved as an Approved Auditor and be maintained on the Approved Auditor List, the Audit Firm must be able to demonstrate to DMCCA’s satisfaction that the Audit Firm meets certain requirements.

Documents to be kept by the DMCC entities before the annual audit

The following are the list of documents to be maintained  by each DMCC entity for the annual audits :

  • Legal Documents

Undoubtedly, as part of your preparation for the audit in Dubai, UAE, you should review the Memorandum of Association (MoA), the Articles of Association (AoA), and the company by laws.

  • List of All the Bank Accounts

 Furthermore, A statement listing all bank accounts, including the bank name, account number, and authorized signatories should be prepared. In addition, the auditor must obtain confirmation from the bank itself of the bank’s balances.  

  • Documentation of all transactions

Absolutely, As part of the audit, you should mention all transactions that took place at your company for a specific period. Bills and invoices should be attached to the order.

  • Company’s trial balance

Definitely, the trial balance is the first thing auditors check as all the numbers in your company’s financial statements are traceable back to it.

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Basically, Alya Auditors is owned by Professionally Qualified Chartered Accountants.

In addition to Auditing, Internal Auditing, Accounting, Business Advisory, Financial Consultancy, and Management Consulting, our accountants have extensive experience in these fields.

Furthermore, we are registered with all the major banks and financial institutions in the UAE.

To emphasize, we conduct audits in accordance with the provisions of IFRS. Definitely, we are one of the listed Auditors as per the Approved Auditors List under DMCC 2023 Sl.No 31.  We are also members of the International Association of Accountants and Auditors.

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