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Can our Corporate Bookkeepers support your business in the UAE during COVID-19?

We understand the challenges facing businesses right now and believe our corporate bookkeeping team are well placed to provide vital assistance during this difficult period.

The outbreak of Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is having a widespread impact on the global economy. Entities must carefully consider their unique circumstances and risk exposures and consider the impact the outbreak may have on their financial reporting. 

Our corporate bookkeeping team have a wealth of experience across a variety of businesses, large and small, providing a host of services. They will develop a close working relationship with you to provide guidance and assistance with the bookkeeping functions of the business.

We can provide a range of bookkeeping services including data processing, payroll, debtor and creditor management, bank and general ledger reconciliations, management reporting and software solutions on an ongoing or temporary basis depending on your business needs.

Important reasons to seek the help of our Corporation Bookkeeping Team during this time include:

  • Cost savings achieved by no long-term commitment or employment contracts – an hour a day, a day a week, we will work to suit your needs
  • Maintaining cashflow through:
    • management of debtors; and
    • timely prepration of FTA documents to gain access to Government assistance.
  • Up to date records to assist with:
    • finance applications and renegotiations;
    • forecasting; and
    • making well informed business decisions.

In accordance with the current Government guidelines please note our services can be provided remotely adhering to recommended social distancing measures. 

Work with a good bookkeeper/ If you can afford appoint a full time Accountant

If you don’t have a full-time accountant, start working with a freelancer to make sure you’re doing everything by the books. Bookkeepers aren’t only numbers crunchers and tax advisers. They are fantastic financial planners and are great at coming up with cash flow forecasts. Get them to take a look at yours—or better yet, ask them to help you develop your projections from the get-go.

A Bookkeeper  can also help you identify tax savings and eliminate wasteful spending. Basically, if you can afford an accountant (the benefits usually pay for their services and more), get them to assist with all your financial planning. It’s well worth the price.

Take this COVID-19 downtime as an opportunity to clean up and recession-proof your business. With forecasts in place, plans to make it happen, and capital to fund it all, your business is well on its way to emerging from the pandemic stronger than ever before. 

How can Alya help you?

If you are an existing client and have had your business impacted by COVID-19 we are offering our experienced corporate bookkeeping services at competitive rates to assist your business during this pandemic.

Alya Auditors provides you with the best Outsourcing services and relieves you from stress relating to bookkeeping, financial accounting, payroll management, etc. Our company includes experts with diversified experience which enables us to offer world-class services to you. Please contact us directly or your Alya Advisor to discuss.

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