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Setup Cafeteria Business in Dubai

Dubai is the popular choice of the expats. Everyone wants to start their own business and the cafeteria is again a popular choice of the entrepreneurs. Dubai has experienced an extraordinary expansion in cafeteria business in a recent year.

How to go ahead with a cafeteria idea to implement?

Select Company Structure: – Decide the company structure like LLC formation with sponsor or without sponsor. With a sponsor won’t give you 100% ownership whereas without a sponsorship structure you can enjoy 100% ownership. Sole proprietorship or partnership is also the option you can select. You can select any free zone also to start your cafeteria.

Choose a name for your cafeteria: – Select a suitable name for your cafeteria. After your selection of name, the cafeteria word will be added at the end.

Make an application: – Submit application with all the necessary information to the DED.

Select Location: – This is the important place for your setup. Location is purely depending on your budget. You can select posh areas of Dubai to normal residential areas. Some of the names like Deira, Bur Dubai Karma are the places where you will find more Asians with the foreigners. Target audience and location also depends on what your cafeteria is going to offer. Areas of the shop differ from 200 sq. ft to 500 sq. ft or even bigger area and rent also differs from 35,000 AED to 75,000 AED and even more again depends on location.

Ejari Certificate: – Ejari Certificate is nothing but the Tenancy Agreement for the rented space. After getting Ejari Certificate submit it with all the above documents to the DED.

Make An Application for NOC: – Apply for NOC from the Food and Safety Department.

Approval from the Dubai Municipality: – Get approval from the Dubai Municipality for your shop layout is drawn by the contractor in terms of Ventilation system, entry exit points, washing areas, fridge or cold storage space, oven, and other kitchen equipment spaces and many other things. And this drawing must be approved by the Dubai Municipality.

Cost of Setting Up a Cafeteria in Dubai

There are many factors involved such as government fees, contractors’ fees, Dubai Municipality fees, trade license fees, other government approval fees, notarized and attestation charges, foreign trade name fees, visa fees, medical charges, insurance cost etc. Government fees are fixed but the other cost is variable but approximately you can assume it goes around AED 75,000 for small start-up. The total cost varies according to the location, total area of the cafeteria, interior of cafeteria, contractor cost and so on. 

It is hard to do all the paperwork, make it happen with Alya Almarzooqi Auditing. We will do all the license related work and make your work almost easy to get all the government authorities work done.