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Businesswomen Package For Female Entrepreneurs - RAKEZ FTZ

What is the best way for a woman to start a business in the UAE? The management of the RAKEZ Free Zone in Ras Al Khaimah has a solution to this question, thanks to their Businesswomen Package, which is designed specifically for businesswomen. So, let’s look at what it is and how it can assist you in being a successful women entrepreneur.

About The Businesswomen Package

RAKEZ Free Zone has launched a new product called the Businesswomen Package, which is a one-of-a-kind offer for UAE businesswomen. In this free zone, it is now easier than ever for a woman to start a business. A woman can establish her own small business with a wonderful idea and a beginning capital of only 6,200 AED (the minimal government costs of a one-year package). There are two types of possibilities available here: one year and three years. A three-year package is even more cost-effective than a one-year plan because it includes one foreign investor visa (government costs are about 4000 AED). Commercial, E-Commerce, General Trading, Service, Educational Media, Individual, and Freelancer licenses are available, depending on the requirements. All local infrastructure becomes available to young women entrepreneurs, just like in other RAKEZ free zone offers – workstations, offices, warehouses, land plots, and so on. On RAKEZ’s official website,, you may read the complete description of this new package for women entrepreneurs.

The process of registering a small business and creating a new corporation for women entrepreneurs appears to be rather straightforward:

  • Collecting and submitting documentation is a must. You must gather a standard set of documentation for the registration of a new legal entity/private entrepreneur status at this stage, which varies significantly based on the type of license and business form chosen. In addition, at least once during the registration process, one must travel to the UAE to sign the documents in person.
  • The registration cost must be paid. A woman entrepreneur pays the associated government costs depending on the bundle she chooses.
  • Obtain a license. A businesswoman receives her license once all administrative procedures have been completed. She can then get down to business.
  • Obtain a visa. The Businesswomen package makes it possible for a female entrepreneur to receive a residence visa.

It should be emphasized that you can complete the entire process on your own, including selecting a bank with which to create an account, submitting paperwork, and applying for a visa and a license. It will take a long time because you will have to deal with all of the issues, and you may make errors in the process and documentation, which will further slow down your registration. As a result, it is preferable and safer to commit this to a consulting firm. Our firm assists clients by informing businesses and acquiring permits in free zones such as RAKEZ. You can reach out to our experts by filling out this form or requesting a callback.

Women are underrepresented in the Middle East commercial sector for historical reasons, but the administrators of the RAKEZ Free Zone have taken steps to change that. Women can and will do business in our country because all of the necessary conditions have been created. To address this issue, the free zone’s administration hosted special events attended by young female entrepreneurs. Their mission was to discover and research the challenges that young businesswomen encounter. They presented a Businesswomen package based on the findings of their research, which aims to maximize the potential of women in business. There is a gender imbalance in business in the Middle East, which will persist for some time, but reforms are already underway, with the RAKEZ Businesswomen package being one of them. Moreover, various organizations, such as the Abu Dhabi Business Women Council, founded by Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, offer programs for female entrepreneurs.

Interesting Facts About Female Entrepreneurs

  • Year after year, women-owned firms develop at a quicker rate. Women-owned firms are increasing five times faster than the national average, according to official US figures. The total number of new female-owned businesses is also on the rise. As a result, women were the founders of at least 20% of all firms in 2018. When compared to the Fortune 500, where women control only 4% of companies, there has been a significant development.
  • Women’s crowdsourcing projects are more successful than men’s, thus they raise more money. When it comes to raising financing for a business, men have an advantage, but sites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter have given women new chances in this area. Their crowdsourcing initiatives outperform men’s by a wide margin.
  • Women have a lesser start-up capital than men. Women, according to data, are able to establish a firm with 50% less capital than men. In this regard, there are particular programs for new businesswomen in various cities and regions around the world. One of them is the RAKEZ free zone in the UAE’s Businesswomen package.

How can a woman become an entrepreneur in the UAE?

The UAE has routinely ranked first in global ease of doing business rankings. Local governments have been working hard to provide the most appealing environment for investors from all over the world, and they have now focused their efforts on attracting active and entrepreneurial women to the country. The businesswomen package includes all of the same benefits as the usual package for a corporate investor, but the fees of forming a business are lower, giving women a competitive advantage. As you can see, being a woman is helpful for doing firm in this country. The most popular forms of activities traditionally held by women entrepreneurs are covered by affordable types of licenses. Even a stay-at-home mom with a child can simply start her own modest online business based on an exciting idea after receiving a freelance license and having an interesting idea.

What business is the best for a woman in the UAE?

The businesswomen bundle includes commercial, E-Commerce, General Trading, Service, Educational Media, Individual, and Freelancer licenses. As a result, it is most beneficial to engage in these kinds of activities in this location. Women entrepreneurs are subject to general standards in other fields of business, which, by the way, differ favorably from other UAE free zones in terms of price-opportunity ratio.

What are the opportunities available for a businesswoman in the UAE?

After obtaining the required license, a businesswoman has access to the free zone’s whole infrastructure, including office space, warehouses, parking spaces, stores, and numerous services. A female entrepreneur, like any other inhabitant of the free zone, is free to conduct business inside the jurisdiction as well as with other countries. You can also utilize local financial services while you’re here. The investor is granted a resident visa, which allows him or her to freely move around the nation and travel overseas. All of this, along with a stable and predictable business environment, as well as the constant growth of the local market, creates good chances for women entrepreneurs in the UAE.

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