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Investing in Dubai is a popular choice among Russians. Why is that?

As geopolitical tensions continue to soar against the backdrop of the Ukrainian standoff, Russian investors are increasingly drawn to Dubai’s business environment. Business owners and high-net-worth individuals flock to Dubai as economic sanctions against Russia are tightened and establish businesses and buy properties in the city. It will be possible for Russians to assess their options for setting up a company and relocating to Dubai with the support of business setup consultants in Dubai.

We hope that this article will offer valuable insight for Russians who may be considering making a move to Dubai in the near future. Dubai’s recent influx of Russian investment can be attributed to a number of factors.

Western Sanctions: A Safe Haven

Western sanctions on the Russian central bank and the removal of some lenders from the Swift messaging network have made it difficult for Russians to start businesses or invest their money outside of their home country following President Putin’s assault on Ukraine. However, the UAE has chosen to maintain a relatively neutral stance in the Ukraine conflict despite its strong support for UN sanctions. Since Dubai is neutral on sanctions and is a popular tourist and investment destination, Russians have found it attractive to set up their businesses there.

Investment-based residence visa options

Investing or setting up a business in Dubai is an easy way for Russian investors to obtain a residency visa. The UAE has recently overhauled the country’s residence options to attract more foreign investments into the country. By initiating the process of business setup in Dubai, the Russians can secure residence visas for themselves and their family members.

More Russians prefer to obtain a residence visa by investing in properties in Dubai. According to the latest news reports, the number of Russians buying property in Dubai has doubled in 2022 (from Jan to June) compared to the same period in 2021. Russians can obtain a Golden Visa, Investor Visa, or Dubai Retirement Visa by making investments in the UAE.

Gains on Investment:

Dubai’s expanding economy and expanding population are additional draws for investment. When compared to other major cities like Singapore and Hong Kong, the city’s real estate prices are still affordable. The developing economy and population predict a heightened demand for housing around the city in the years to come, providing investors a chance at significant capital gains even as this lowers entry barriers for investment.

Tax-free rewards:

Living tax-free is an extra benefit of the emirate’s high-end lifestyle. Although other nations have complex income tax laws, Dubai has set itself apart by providing businesses and professionals with a tax-free atmosphere. As a result, your rental revenue is immediately available for use.

Living conditions and safety :

Dubai is the center of economic activity in the region for good reason; it provides a safe business climate and easy-to-understand, abide-by legislation. The unparalleled luxury of Dubai is yours to enjoy if you follow the law. It is believed that the port city’s year-round mild weather, immaculate beaches, and availability of upscale houses were the main draws for Russians.

World center for tourism

Nobody gets bored in Dubai, where activities range from romping across the sandy dunes to skiing down icy alpine slopes. If adventure isn’t your thing, you can also settle back with a good book, some drinks, and a peaceful view of the sun setting over the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is a powerful rival in the race for tourists because of the abundance of recreational and leisure possibilities the city provides. It is unquestionably projected to become the best in the world thanks to developing structures and the local tourism hub.

The above are the very few reasons. The business setup enquiries have begun to increase after the war starts. There are increasing numbers of real estate enquiries also as many people are looking to buy the properties in the UAE particularly in Dubai. Many Russians are looking to relocate to Dubai immediately. People from Russia are using many ways such as buying properties, investment in real estates, setting up a new company, making new companies or the branch companies of their Moscow parent company etc. Dubai has become the second home for the Russians. They love the safety of the country and the world class infrastructure. The UAE matches the choice of the business which Russians like the most like oil & gas, investment, financing etc. 

Property market is breaking records according to the current data. Another main reason is one can open a company in Dubai hassle free and at an affordable price. There are different types of license available such as trading, industrial, service, manufacturing, e-commerce etc.

Some of the amazing Offers of the Dubai Free Zone :-

IFZA situated in the Dubai Silicon Oasis offering license with 1 visa free for life only AED 17,900 whereas new free zones Dubai Meydan operated from the 5 star hotel offers license at just AED 16,000 with flexi desk facility. Dubai world central free zone also known as Dubai south offers a license 0 visa package with smart desk at just AED 14,485. DMCC world’s No. 1 award winning free zone offer starts from AED 35,000 and for Crypto trading special Crypto center package starts from AED 31,000.

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