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Auditing Services in Dubai, UAE are important for businesses, and organizations, of any type and size. Auditing is one of the most important business procedures that require business owners to pay attention to every single detail. 

In conducting an audit, business owners have to use certain acceptable methods while still complying with rules and regulations of the Dubai government.Stringent regulatory requirements on audits add increasing pressure on management. Understanding these requirements helps to smooth the audit process.

Alya’s audit services in Dubai,UAE is tailored to meet business and audit needs to companies in UAE and it  goes beyond  just  financials and numbers.

Alya  Auditors in Dubai provides quality audit services for organisations for statutory or regulatory reasons. We listen to your needs, analyse business implications and tailor our approach accordingly. 

As a audit firm in Dubai, our audit professionals regularly communicate with your Financial Management team to ensure cohesion in both auditing and business analysis.This makes Alya the best Auditors in Dubai.

Our Audit & Assurance services in Dubai,UAE includes

Annual Audits

Verifies firms's financial systems, statements & checks the accuracy of records and its compliance with accounting methods

Internal Audits

Evaluates a firms's internal controls to effectively manage risk within its risk appetite

Management Audits

Evaluates if the management team works in the interests of shareholders, employees and the firm's reputation

Due- Diligence Audits

Investigates on a business prior to signing a contract, or an act with a certain standard of care

Forensic Audits

Evaluates a firm's financial records to derive evidence that can be used in a legal proceeding.

VAT Audit / TAX Audit

Verifies a firm's VAT liability by examining company accounts,
purchases, sales flows & check its compatibility

Statutory Audits

Examining an entity's financial records in accordance with the requirements of a government agency

Information System Audits

Evaluates if the firms's IT systems safeguard assets, maintains data integrity, operates effectively and efficiently to achieve the firm's goals


Get registered with Alya auditors and we are here to help you with VAT registration, Taxation, Company Incorporation, Account Audits and financial advisory.A risk-based approach to compliance involves identifying the areas of high risk within your organization’s compliance universe and building and prioritizing your compliance monitoring program around these risks.