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The developments in the technology front enable organizations to implement software solutions that are tailor-made and provide excellent support to their accounting practices. We come in as consultants, who will analyze the needs of you organization, and understand the requirements that are to be fulfilled by the software. Then, based on our expertise in dealing with accounting software, we advise, help to implement and also provide guidance on maintenance of such software.

This can improve the overall quality of the accounting practices of the organization, and in turn help the business in general. Software, when implemented and used correctly, can also help to ease the process of auditing and other organizational practices.An information technology audit, or information systems audit, is an examination of the management controls within an Information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Solution Architecture

A solution architect, in information technology, is a practitioner of solution architecture. Typically part of the solution development team, the solution architect translates requirements created by functional analysts into the architecture for that solution and describing it through architecture and design artifacts.

Application security consulting

An Application Security Audit is an assessment of the security risks that are associated with your web applications and client server applications; both those that have external exposure via the internet (such as web shops and customer portals).