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Why Establish a Firm in Dubai Mainland

If you establish your firm on the Dubai mainland, it will be easier to expand and remain flexible.

If you desire full freedom and flexibility for your business, forming a Dubai mainland company under the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED) offers significant advantages.

If you’re an entrepreneur or someone in charge of starting a business in Dubai, deciding where to set up shop is critical.

Making the right selection can have a huge impact on the dynamics of your organization and its future success.

The following are the six major advantages of establishing a business on the Dubai mainland:

1. Trade across Dubai and the UAE is unrestricted

You have no limits on who you can trade with or where you can trade in Dubai if you register as a Dubai mainland firm.

Setting up shop on the mainland allows you to plan for any form of trade without having to worry about violating your trade permission in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE.

When it comes to forming a mainland company in Dubai, there are various legal requirements, including the requirement that it be sponsored by a Dubai national. You may keep management and financial control of your firm by seeking professional help from a reliable business setup provider.

2. The ability to trade internationally and grow your business

Registration on the mainland of Dubai allows your company the ability to trade worldwide, which is critical for many companies in today’s increasingly linked globe.

It is also a good idea to consider your company’s future. Do you intend to expand internationally? Do you desire the freedom to enter crucial international markets?

Businesses with the ability to adapt in today’s fast-changing world are favored. Assume you have a product or service that has become popular in a specific country. In such a circumstance, you must organize the logistics to quickly infiltrate it.

Fundamentally, having a mainland Dubai license means having the independence and flexibility to expand and operate your company.

3. The opportunities to expand your business and team

Every company wants to expand and prosper, and a Dubai mainland registration allows you to accomplish just that.

If you choose the mainland route, you will be able to apply for an unlimited number of visas. It’s worth noting that when you apply for additional visas, you’ll require more warehouse or office space, which is normally 100 square feet for each visa. If you employ a large number of remote workers who do not require workspace, the requirement to rent additional office space is generally negotiable with the Dubai DED.

Having a company registered on the Dubai mainland also allows you to expand your operations to other parts of Dubai and the UAE. Consider obtaining a Dubai DED license if branch expansion is a priority for your company.

4. The ability to expand your product line

Dubai’s expanding smart city infrastructure is already propelling firms in new directions, and the ability to diversify will become more valuable as the country approaches and beyond 2020.

Choosing a mainland Dubai location gives your company substantially more room to grow.

When compared to your free zone competitors, obtaining a Dubai mainland license implies the administrative process is smoother, faster, and less restricted.

5. Ability to work with the governments of the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council

Another advantage of registering on the mainland in Dubai is that you will be able to compete for lucrative government contracts.

If your startup is going to provide services that are in line with government projects, you may be in a strong position. Government contract work in the UAE is worth billions of dollars each year. If your organization earns the trust of Dubai’s authorities, you’ll be able to lay the groundwork for long-term commercial networking and success.

Winning official governmental contracts around the UAE will undoubtedly increase your company’s reputation and prestige, both within the UAE and outside.

6. Ability to develop an adaptable business

While forming a company in Dubai’s mainland may appear difficult, partnering with the proper company formation specialists can provide you with a package that is both quick and thorough. Consider whether the bundle offers the following major benefits when deciding who to partner with:

  • Business setup and registration
  • Automated legal administration
  • Dubai national sponsorship included
  • Fast and affordable
  • Visa and immigration processing
  • Dedicated service agency for your business

Finally, forming a mainland corporation in Dubai is less difficult. As a result, your next step should be to examine your three-year business plan and assess whether Dubai mainland registration is the best option for you.