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List of Audit and Accounting Firms in Dubai, UAE (2022)

Below is the list of the top audit and accounting firms in Dubai. Before moving on to the list of audit and accounting firms let us know more about auditing and accounting in the UAE.

Auditing in the UAE

In auditing, records are examined and remarks are made about them. Financial audits include reviewing the books of accounts and related accounts. Auditor receives all of the information needed to assess whether the reports comply with necessary statutory, accounting, and financial reporting and auditing standards. This is the result of the audit. It attests to the fairness of the financial statements and their disclosures.

Accounting in the UAE

A company’s accounting records its financial transactions. Accounting involves summarizing, analyzing, and reporting transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection agencies. Accounting financial statements provide a concise summary of a company’s activities, financial position, and cash flow over a specified time period. 

Top Audit and accounting firms are listed below:

Alya Almarzooqi Auditing ( Alya Auditors)

Alya Auditors is a leading and reputable audit and accounting firm in the UAE. Providing valuable services to their clients, they have a team of highly trained and experienced auditors. Client needs are at the heart of everything we do.  


AA ASSOCIATE L.L.C  help clients identify business weaknesses. They implement solutions promptly. In addition, their audit specialists help clients understand the working of the company and plan their future actions accordingly.

N R Doshi & Partners

In addition to its deep knowledge and expertise regarding external audits, N R Doshi and Partners has an extensive network of external auditors across the UAE. Their exemplary reputation can be attributed to their impartial opinion and absolute commitment.

Intuit Management Consultancy

The audit services offered by Intuit Management Consultancy are extensive. All of their services, including Auditing, Bookkeeping, Finance and Accounting, Business Advice, and Financial Planning can be handled by highly qualified professionals.

RBS & Abdulrahman Auditing/ RBS Tax Consultants

As a learned auditing firm in Dubai, RBS is committed to providing excellent services. Market feedback demonstrates that both enterprises with extensive experience and those that are rapidly growing value the firm’s audit opinion.

Paul & Hassan Chartered Accountants

Last but not least in the list of audit and accounting firms in Dubai. By providing clients with quality audit services performed by their detail-oriented and knowledgeable staff, Paul and Hassan improve the strength of their business as a whole.

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